August 1 2015

Shout out to ELLE Magazine! They recently hung out with Jazmine in Maryland as she was preparing to hit the stage, opening for Sam Smith. Peep a couple photos below and be sure to check out Jazmine’s full Photo Diary exclusively on by clicking here.

Jazmine Sullivan – Dumb (Audio) ft. Meek Mill
Jazmine Sullivan – Dumb (Explicit) ft. Meek Mill
Jazmine Sullivan – Forever Don’t Last

A lil girl I met tonight. She came up to me And asked to sit with me in my hammock. So we sat.. Then we took a selfie! 😜


If ur waiting for some big event to happen in ur life to bring u happiness, then ur missing the point! Honestly I’ve had a pretty rough few weeks.. But the bible says in ALL things give thanks. So I’m learning each day to be grateful when I’m struggling and when things are going well. When I’m up and when I’m down. To be just as content with the little